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About LocalSplash:

How is related to Local Splash and Relevant Ads? is a product offering by Local Splash and Relevant Ads. Local Splash provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for local businesses using proprietary technology so that businesses get ranked on the 1st page of results on the major search engines, such as Google.

Why do I need if I’m already listed with the online Yellow Pages?

A listing with the online Yellow Pages is a good start, but your basic Yellow Pages directory listing is not fully optimized for search engines. Even if your listing comes up in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, you will likely be so far down on the list that most customers won’t find you. And with, you get the power of Local Splash.

With our services, you get promotion. We promote your products, services and location so your business gets higher ranking on search engine results pages. Our goal is to get you a first page listing so you can be easily found (and convey to potential customers that you are an established, credible and successful business).

About 85% of people who use the Internet use search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. Yellow Pages is a directory, not a search engine. In other words, when a prospective customer is looking for companies in their area, they are more likely to type in a search at, for example, than to go to the online Yellow Pages to look up businesses. We help you find success with search engines. By achieving high positioning in the local, organic and sponsored results sections of the search engines, you can capitalize on significantly more traffic than you would receive from the online Yellow Pages alone.

What if I don’t have a website?
Not to worry. As part of our service, you will receive your own customized directory listing and Web page, with customized address (URL). This Web page functions like your own website and can be easily customized with photos, logos and all your important business information.

I have my own website. Will or Local Splash affect it?

No, though our services will increase the activity on your website. The directory listing links to your main website, placing it higher on search engine results pages. The intelligence of search engines allows them to associate your domain as the primary website while the directory listing reinforces your business presence and adds to your stature as a successful business.

How do I update my information if it changes?

We have an online tool to help you manage your business information. Once you become a customer, you will receive a user name and password to this easy-to-use system. You can access the system to review performance reports, update your business information, upload new photos, and more. We also have a dedicated team of skilled customer service representatives who are available Monday through Friday to update your information.

How does my business get listed in the search engine results?

Local Splash ensures that your directory listing is crawled, indexed, and well-ranked with Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search engines. Your Local Splash directory listing gives search engines the data they need in a format they understand. This allows your business to be found in the most relevant searches for your particular business, products, and services.

About Local Splash:

How does Local Splash work?

Local Splash facilitates a number of steps toward getting your business found online:

  • We create a directory listing using over 35 attributes and key points about your business, including products, services, service area, hours of operation, street address, and website URL.
  • We publish your business profile page and website, which creates a larger presence on the Web so you are found more easily. Once your information is live, Web crawlers from search engines read and store it and include it in search results.
  • We distribute your business data to core Internet data providers and directories.
  • We help potential customers find you when they search for your business or product offerings online.
  • We accomplish this using organic search results, maps, mobile searches, and custom videos.

Will Local Splash help me get positive reviews?

Local Splash places your business information in various websites and directories, such as Yelp, Google Places, and Rate It All, where your customers can provide positive reviews of your business. This is important as more and more people are going online to find out about prospective businesses from the perspective of their customers. As a Local Splash user, you will have access to It provides you with some tools for promoting positive reviews from your customers.

What do search engine companies think about Local Splash?

Search engine companies have crawlers that comb the Internet to find as much information as possible. Plentiful, accurate, relevant, detailed search results are crucial to keep their users happy. Local Splash is committed to providing plentiful, accurate, relevant, detailed information about our clients’ businesses. Your business information, location, products, services and keywords are all disseminated to achieve optimal relevancy in search engine results.

How do you target customers in my area?

Our goal is to play matchmaker between your business and customers searching for the products and services you provide in your area. We target Web users geographically to get them to your business.

With our integrated mapping feature, your business will show up in Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, and Bing when the Internet user is searching in your local area.

If a user specifies a geographic location in a search for a product/service (Plumber in Irvine, CA) then Google will search for plumbers in the specified area. If your business is located within that geographic area, then your company will appear in that user’s search results!

On the other hand, if a user performs a search on the Internet and does not specify a geographic location in the search, then Google will default the search to the user’s local area by identifying their IP address and geographic location. If your business is within that user’s local area and the user is searching for your type of product/service, then your company will show up on their map results!

Whether your customers are searching with a traditional search engine online, or searching using a mobile device, we use these methods to target them geographically.

How is this different from other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services?

SEO plans generally do the following:

  • Fine tune your content, meta tags and keywords/phrases
  • Submit your Web page to search engines and third party websites

While many SEO plans benefit your site, they do not position your business for a local search. Be very clear on what your SEO is doing. Steer clear of SEO software that "submits" your website to several areas. Often search engines consider automated submissions as spam. This will devalue your site and potentially ban your site from the search engine’s index.

Local Splash publishes enhanced and valuable data about your businesses, then directly posts that information with our search partners, directing them to include you in local searches. This is an excellent way to increase your business profile and attract more customers.

Do you guarantee specific results?
While we cannot guarantee top placement, we do specialize in getting you first page placement. Everything we do is focused on meeting that objective. Our promise states that we will get you found in 6 weeks. This means that we will get you on the first page of search results for Google, Yahoo!, and/or Bing within 6 weeks or your basic service becomes free until you are. Click here for complete details.