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Every dog owner dreams of having a well-behaved companion. But, having an obedient, responsive dog takes knowledge on how to properly train and care for it, which many owners simply don’t have. At Cherry Pit Training & PTSD K-9s, I specialize in dog training, to help you . . . "Make Your Dog Top Of The Line!"

It is important for dog owners to understand the basics of training their beloved pet, so they can continue on with the training long after our sessions have ended. I come to your home and involve the entire family in the training process, so as the dog is learning the rules for expected behavior, the family is also learning how to properly own, care for, feed, and train their dog. It’s a comprehensive dog training process that has proven successful for many years.

At Cherry Pit Training & PTSD K-9s, I specialize in training pits and many other breeds of dogs. My goal is to leave you with a solid foundation for caring for and training your dog to be the best it can be. I am located in Albuquerque, NM and also serve surrounding areas. For expert dog training services, give me a call today at 505-999-7967 to learn more.

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Services: Cherry Pit Training & PTSD K-9s offers dog training classes to help you learn the skills necessary to properly train and care for your dog. Serving Albuquerque, NM and surrounding areas, my classes are sure to not only make your dog the best it can be, but also give you the knowledge necessary to continue the lesson long after classes have ended. Give me a call today at 505-999-7967 to find out more about my services, including: * Basic Obedience * Advanced Obedience * Protection Training * Therapy Training * Service Training * Behavior Modification * Onsite Training Services

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