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High quality plants come from high quality growing environments. Our herbs are gathered in pristine, mineral-rich soils of the Rocky Mountains; most are wildcrafted on our own ranch in the Elk Mountain and Snowy Range region of Southern Wyoming, or if non-native, from our own organic gardens. When harsh growing conditions prevent growing items locally, we purchase certified organically grown when available.

The harsh Wyoming weather makes survival difficult for Wyoming herbs; they are often smaller than the same plants grown in more hospitable conditions, but this struggle for survival creates superior medicinal plants.

Because less than one half million people live in Wyoming, we have very little pollution compared to other states. In addition, some prominent herbalists believe that the UV radiation of the high mountains creates stronger medicinal properties in the herbs.

We put great care and love into our products. The staff and owners at Elk Mountain Herbs believe in wildcrafting ethically and only harvesting the healthiest plants

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